In the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico, she participated in the study and analysis of several provisions of commercial and civil laws, and she worked in the development of several legal precedents, such as:

(i) Cases ADR 2441/2014 and ADR 3516/2013, providing for the minimum standard of basic infrastructure for proper housing;

(ii) ADR 3111/2013, on freedom of speech;

(iii) AD 23/2013, on the right to privacy;

(iv) AD 16/2012, introducing the protection of grievance journalism (periodismo de denuncia), and extending the concept of public figures;

(v) ADR 1068/2011, on the remedies and scope of fair compensation;

(vi) ADs 58/2011, 3/2012, 49/2012 and 46/2012, AR 437/2012 and ADR 969/2012, on the extinction of ownership due to illicit activities (extinción de dominio).