Rosa has advised many corporations, limited liability companies, and non-profit companies, from their incorporation until their liquidation, including the preparation and amendments to their Charter of Incorporation and by-laws, the preparation of corporate minutes, and corporate registries. She has implemented mergers, winding ups, reorganizations, and liquidations of business corporations. The corporate work performed included consulting on foreign investment issues relating to such companies.

At the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico, she worked in the development of legal precedents concerning the Federal Consumers’ Protection Agency, such as those arising from Case ADR 4241/2013, regarding abusive clauses in adhesive contracts and class actions.

She also worked on several legal precedents involving Tort Law, Civil Wrongs and the recovery of damages, such as those developed in Cases ADR 4555/2013 and ADR 1068/2011. In the latter, article 62 of the Aviation Law was declared unconstitutional.

In addition, she worked on the development of legal precedents relating to the payment of legal costs and fees by the defendant if motions are filed with the intent to delay the trial (Case ADR 2361/2013), and on the annulment of arbitral awards (AD 8/2011).