As a member of the Banking and Finance Group of Jauregui, Navarrete, Nader y Rojas, S.C., she advised General Electric Capital Corporation, The Bank of Nova Scotia, Allied Capital Corporation, Antares Capital Corporation, Heller Financial, Inc. and Citibank, N.A., among other companies, on such matters.

During her tenure at the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico, she was a member of the team that studied and drafted the judgment of Case AI 167/2007 relating to the tax securitization by the State of Sonora.

She also worked on the development of several legal precedents regarding insurance law, such as those related to Cases CT 233/2011, CT 90/2013 and ADR 828/2015, providing for the interpretation of several provisions of Mexican Insurance Law. In addition, she worked on several legal precedents regarding negotiable instruments, such as those arising from Cases CT 173/2014 and CT 383/2012.